Media Buttons in VLC

Many keyboards these days include dedicated buttons for controlling media playback, such as pausing and skipping between tracks. These are very convenient as they allow you to control the playback, without hunting on the screen for the pause button. Although, the main reason I use these is to control my media player event when it is minimized. This works well for controlling background music. However, my main music player is VLC, and these media buttons on my keyboard don't work with VLC on my Windows 8 computer. Thankfully, it is easy to make them work

Jump Lists in Windows

Windows 7 and all newer versions have an awesome feature that not many people know about called Jump Lists. This is a quick access list that appears when you right click on programs in the task bar. It works on many programs from Chrome, VLC, Microsoft Office, and File Explorer. By default the list includes some of the files you last accessed with the program. Some Jump Lists includes quick actions, such as opening a new browser window in Incognito. It is easy to customize theses lists too, all you have to do is drag a file that the program opens on to it. For example, I dragged my Pictures folder onto my File Explorer icon. It was then pinned there for easy access later.

Custom Signature in Mail in OSX

Creating a signature is very easy using the built in Mail app on your Mac.  All you have to do is go to the Mail menu in the top left corner and go to preferences.  Once you are there, you must go to the Signatures tab at the top.  Select the account that you want the signature to be applied to, give it a name and then type the signature on the far right text area.   Creating a signature with an image is still easy, but it can get complicated for those who are not familiar with OSX Libraries or HTML.  In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a customized Mail signature that includes a picture such as a logo or graphic.

Clearing Safari Cache

With Safari 6.0, Apple has taken away the simple approach to clearing your cache in Safari. Instead of being listed under the Safari menu, it is now under the Develop menu. To clear your Safari cache, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Safari menu.
  2. . . .

Custom Album Art

While it is simple enough for Windows Media Player to automatically add album art to your music collection, more often than not, it either adds the wrong album art or it "sorts" your songs into an almost incomprehensible mess. This being the case, I had long ago switch to organizing my music library through Windows Explorer. This allowed me to organize all my songs in the way that I wanted. However, organizing my songs into folders lacks one thing, the album art that Windows Media Player automatically adds.